Trip Preparation
Trip Preparation

Trip Dates

Group 1:  January 10-17, 2024
Group 2:  January 18-24, 2024
Group 3:  March 6-13 , 2024

Trip Costs

$975 Full Cost
$487.50 Deposit
(No Airfare Option)

Group Specific Information
2023 Itinerary
Travel and Trip Safety
The Power Ministry Men’s trip has its uniqueness but in many ways is like any other time we embark on a journey or vacation that we need to plan for to have a great experience and a safe trip. The purpose of this posting is to advise you of the uniqueness of this trip and help you plan for a safe and fulfilling trip.

• As with any international travel the United States State Department offers advice for travel to different regions of the world that can be found at the following link:

• Travel with groups of people always exposes us to more germs then normal and we encourage you to take appropriate precautions. Get some extra rest and exercise if you can prior to the trip as it can be exhausting for some. You should have already got your flu shot if you typically do this precaution. Listen to your Mom, wash your hands after the toilet and before meals. Germs in Mexico or any new country we travel to our bodies may not be resistant to and we should take precautions. We will have antibacterial soap on the trip, but we recommend you pack your own travel size and carry with you and use frequently! Getting sick on any trip is not fun and, in most cases, you can avoid this!

• Projects- We encourage you to review the “What to Pack” page on the trip preparation section of the website. Each participant is responsible for bringing some basic tools and especially their own safety gear. We recommend you bring a pair of safety glasses and work gloves to help make your trip safe and enjoyable. During the trip if you are asked to operate any equipment that you are not comfortable with, please ask for help and or instruction.

We look forward to a great trip this year and appreciate your help in ensuring your safety and those around you.

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