Goals and Objectives

To spread the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission
To encourage and assist others to recreate and duplicate the ministry
To experience the value of spending time with God each day in worship, devotion and prayer, and to help create lasting spiritual awareness and maturity
To provide a cross-cultural outreach experience
To encourage those on the mission field
To meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people we encounter
To share joy and compassion to those we encounter
To leave every place we visit better than when we arrived


To build (churches and homes)
To feed (physical and spiritual food)
To clothe (jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.)
To minister (Missionaries, each other and to all in need)
To repair (electrical, heating, air conditioning, structures, paint)
To play (carnivals, sports)
To visit (orphanages, schools, prisons, missions, churches, homes)
To always honor God prayerfully seek His guidance even when in conflict with our desires
To Worship the Lord Jesus Christ
To Testify His Lordship


God has blessed this ministry over the past fifteen years in that:
– 861 men have participated in at least one trip from 31 states and 7 countries
– Over 200 churches have been represented
– 7,400,000 pounds of food have been delivered
– 85 homes, churches and other structures have been built
– $400,000 have been donated to missionaries and ministries in the region
– 35 puppet shows have been presented
– 30 children’s festivals have been provided
– 120,000 bibles have been distributed
And countless lives have been changed for Jesus Christ!