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In July 2000, a group of men met in Riverside, California to seek God’s wisdom in the formation of a Men’s Ministry dedicated to the impoverished Mexican nationals along the Texas/Mexico border. At this meeting, the men expressed the desire to establish a nondenominational non-profit organization that would include whoever God chose to be involved. Shortly after that meeting, going purely on faith, it was agreed to form the organization known as POWER (Purposeful Outreach With Eternal Results) Ministry.

Using Acts 1:8 as a statement verse, the leadership team partnered with Louie Davenport, an Idaho farmer, who for 25 years had been ministering along the border. Under the sponsorship of Bridges Christian Fellowship, six months later, in January 2001, 41 men took the initial POWER missions outreach trip offering food, clothes, shelter, encouragement and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people along the Rio Grande. Since the first journey, the Ministry has conducted youth and couple trips in addition to an annual men’s trip. God has blessed the men’s ministry so much that approximately 213 men participated in 2005.

The purpose of POWER Ministry is multifaceted. Providing those who go on the annual trips an opportunity to have a first-hand, third world missionary/outreach experience without traveling overseas, they participate in reaching out to those less fortunate. In this process, they assist the Mexican nationals with the essentials of life. Most live in bitter poverty with little chance of improvement, by providing food, clothes and building homes, we are able to meet some of their physical needs. This provides an opportunity for the missionaries we support in addition to the trip participants to minister to the hearts open to hearing the Gospel. For those who attend, this often is a life-changing experience in terms of commitment to serving our Lord. We trust this will be a stepping-stone for men to dedicate their lives to sharing the love of Christ.

During our short history, God has provided people and resources to accomplish His will. We continue to depend on Him for everything trusting the future of POWER Ministry to Him. Bridges Christian Fellowship and other churches have made POWER Ministry a part of their Men’s Ministry. We appreciate those who accept the challenge to seek God’s will in their life through this endeavor. May He continue to bless those who serve Him.

Power Through the Years

2017 180 2 Houses Pastor Juan David Salas Church Pastor Raul Sierra Church
2016 178 2 Houses Victoria School Dining Hall Mission Familiar Classrooms
2015 175 4 Houses Leona Vicario School El Shadai Orphanage
2014 168 3 Houses Nopelara Community Center Church and 3 Pavilions
2013 134 2 Houses Alianza High School Senda de Vida Clinic
2012 131 2 Houses Senior Citizen Center Youth Center
2011 117 3 Houses Dorm at Faith Mission Churches for Pastors Hugo & Juan
2010 149 10 Houses Church for Pastor Felix Rio Bravo Children's Home
2009 132 9 Houses Two Church Expansions Churches for Pastors Antonio & Jamie
2008 132 2 Houses Big Heart Classrooms Stepping Stone Missionary House
2007 155 POWER Puppets Bathhouse at Stepping Stone Dining Hall at Refugio de Ninos
2006 234 4 Houses Church for Pastor Rafael Church for Pastor Armando
2005 216 Church For Pastor En rique Duplex at Stepping Stone
2004 154 Church For Pastor Renee Alianza Junior High School
2003 81 Apartments At Josiah and Bethany Pavilion at Mission 1 Phase II
2002 59 Egg Production Facility At Rio Bravo Pavilion at Mission 1 Phase I
2001 41 Mission I Warehouse Alianza Clinic