Prayer & Praise 2022

Group 1 Day 4 Power Prayer March 13, 2022

Favor with every border agent and speed in crossing.
Scott Anderson – met a man who was in prison for 20 years who came to Alianza. He committed his life to Christ.

Dave Rose on trip to Sierra Leon effective when showing the Jesus film.
Pray for the projects in Del Rio.
God please restore everyone’s energy. The team is working so well.
Michael’s daughter Lori is delivering a baby anytime. Bless her and the baby “Oliver” with a healthy and safe birth.

Group 1 Day 3 Power Prayer March 12, 2022


We are amazed at the work of God at Senda de Vida (Hector and Marylou) at the refugee camp. Caring for 400 children and nearly 1200 migrants.

Thanking God for divine appointments with 3 border agents who needed encouragement. Also for Guardsmen: Everhart (4 and 5 year old boys) and Gentry. Both here from North Carolina since October

John Wright saved a young man from injury with the basketball hoop.

The amazing attitude of service by the young people on the volunteer and translation team. They served beautifully!


Cody Gibbs: praying for his mother-in-law’s daughter Donna with thyroid. Possible biopsy.

Chuck Cram: asks for God to work in his daughter in law’s life, to heal her emotions. “Charisma” who is married to his son Joel.

Doug Husen: asks for God to heal his brother Jim’s cancer completely and show grace during his chemo treatments.

Tom Hayes: asks for prayer for niece who was bit by a dog.

Bruce Hepburn: for surgery to repair a tooth.

John Wright: for conversation with Border agent: Steve – who wants to be involved in Power Ministry.

Power Leadership team- doing such a good job. Continued wisdom.

May tomorrow’s worship service at Alianza be spirit led, a blessing to all who come, and an encouragement to pastor Mario.

Group 1 Day 1 Power Prayer March 10, 2022

Praise God for a Power Ministry trip!