Prayer & Praise 2020

Group 2 Day 6 Power Prayer January 21, 2020

Pray for Chris Earnest brothers-in-law who is coughing blood and a one inch mass.
Ruth had a stillbirth child. Pray for emotional and physical healing from the surgery.
Pray for Gregg’s brother Dan. Battling over drugs. Pray for salvation.
Pray for the funeral for the Boganwright family. Pray for comfort as they grieve the death of their son.
Pray for safe travels home.

Group 2 Day 5 Power Prayer January 20, 2020

1 Thessalonians 5:16-22 – Being Thankful
Even though there were long lines on the border, laughter and joy came about in the vans.
With the hardships with the Mexican national and some of their situations we can find joy in serving them.
Serving others with giving a lollypop or hammering a nail, joy is given and received.
Thankful that our hearts are open with opportunities to be a blessing.

Healing for the Boganwright family with their death of their 14-year-old son.
Jacob is living in a Group home which be closing and the transition process.

Group 2 Day 4 Power Prayer January 19, 2020

We had an awesome worship experience at Alianza Cristiana in Reynosa. The Power men were given an opportunity to pray for over 150 congregants.
We had safe trip to Del Rio (no accidents or problems).
Great conversations occurred on the van ride to Del Rio.

Pray for several men who are sick with the flu (fevers). Pray for healing for these men so that they could continue the experience that God wants them to have.
Chris Earnest: Brother-in-law had an x-ray and showed a spot on his lung.
Paul Garcia: Brother-in-law Eddie is having heart problems.
Pray for Daniel who was recently released from jail. Pray for his salvation.

Group 2 Day 3 Power Prayer January 18, 2020

Ben Sullivan came back to POWER with resolution and answered prayer!
Thank you, Lord, for keeping the rain away with 90% chance of rain and thunderstorms and beautiful weather.
During the festival we had a parent meeting to share the gospel. Around 50 took a bible and 35 accepted Jesus in their lives. Many were prayed for even a man who said that he was demonically oppressed.

Continued prayer for Josh Lips for healing on the trip.
Traveling mercies for tomorrow as we have a 6 hour trip to our next destination.
Pray for Kevin B. as he preaches at tomorrow.

Group 2 Day 2 Power Prayer January 17, 2020

Ben Sullivan: Issues with his business. Ben needed to leave POWER earlier than expected.
Chuck Cram: Pray for his wife who needs encouragement.
Greg Bigalk: Pray for brother who is out of prison and clean from drugs and is reconnecting with his son. Pray for continued healing.
Pray for Ashton a student from a local high school who is wanting to learn more about God.
Shawn Carson: Wife (Jozy) with liver problems and is awaiting a transplant. Pray for peace and salvation.
Josh Lips: Pray for continued health on the trip.
Chris’ co-worker. Pray for his salvation and opportunities to share about Jesus.
Chase Tolbert: We are grateful that he is on this trip. Pray for some major decisions and opportunities

Group 2 Day 1 Power Prayer January 16, 2020

Safe arrival and trip to McAllen even with some flight delays

Derren Chu: Please pray for my son Brian (23) and daughter Christine (8) to come back to the Lord and have a personal relationship with Jesus.
Chuck Cram: Pray for son Joel that God would move in his heart, and that he would return to the Lord.
Doug Blois: Pray for his Mother Jean (92) who came down with a bad illness right before the trip.
Pray for protection from the enemy and faithfulness before the Lord despite the opposition.
Pray for our families back home for energy, protection, and blessing.
Pray for Kennedi. She is 5 years old and very sick.
Pray for Ruth who is going to deliver a still born baby at 5 months.

Group 1 Day 6 Power Prayer January 14, 2020

While Zac was Praying he received a word of knowledge that God would heal a man named Miguel- back pain.
A Magdiel student named Samuel remembers Dougs son Kaenan from last year.
Wow! The whole week was with only one sickness, quickly remedied. Great unity. Leadership team blessed us with organization.

Kenny Wible – interviewing with Cal Baptist. Give him favor and a follow up.
Joshua Muse (missionary) and wife Olivia – baby coming today breach and schedule cesarean. Sarah. Born! 8’ 6 ounces. Sarah! Incubator to help lungs.
Allen – pray God helps him manage diabetes through diet and enjoy his vacation cruise.
Praying for the Next group- especially the worship team.
Safe travels. And sweet reuniting with families and stay sharp for the Lord.
Dave, Brian, Javon, Zac, Josh, Aaron,Tom and Doug.

Group 1 Day 5 Power Prayer January 13, 2020

Thanking God for the work of Refugio Orphanage and school, Big Heart Mission, Alianza Church, the Kaleo Ministry.

Pray for Doug’s friends Troy and Rachelle moving to Florida this week. May God continue to lead and guide them.
Pray for Pastor Greg Harris and harmony with his church elders
Pray for Bruce Hepburn’s friend’s family. A fatal heart attack was suffered by a supporter named Mark Grinnel, he leaves behind his wife Kathy and family.
Pray for a young man at Refugio named David.
Continue to pray for our team member- Kirk Jaudes for energy and complete healing.
Praying for Gods wisdom and harmony for our Power team leaders.
Asking God that we can be a blessing tomorrow at Magdiel Bible college.

Group 1 Day 4 Power Prayer January 12, 2020

Praise God for the prayer time at Alianza.

Pedro – left Catholicism for a personal relationship with Christ Strife with family and tension with wife (Lena) family.

Hector and MaryLou to meet the children’s needs. 450 people being cared for.

Ray Hansen – wisdom for leading both a school and an orphanage.
Could God reveal the owners of adjacent land? Or otherwise grant it to him.

Alianza – no complacency and to continue becoming the church God desires.

Praising God for joy on kids faces and parents alike. So much fun on every level

Kirk – Florida church launch.
He reported that his church in Florida was able to launch a brand new campus with 750+ and 46 responses to the invitation.

Group 1 Day 3 Power Prayer January 11, 2020

Safe travels and good progress on the projects
Thank God for the Del Rio pastors and missionaries and the new works.


Pray Javon feels 100% tomorrow. Feeling a bit sick today.
Pray for health and energy for the Ehlers (Charlene) at Faith Mission Del Rio
Praying for God to direct us and give us favor at the festival at Rio Bravo
Pastor Ezequiel to be effective with Bible distribution.
Alfred – energy and strength and that he will feel better.

Group 1 Day 2 Power Prayer January 10, 2020

Projects in the school, disability center, pastor Oscars etc. great progress.
Thanking God for over 5 decades of ministry through faith missions

George Metcalf brought his dad (George sr.) Home for hospice care. Praying for precious moments and great comfort.
Jenn / recovering from surgery (Alex Smiths friends)
The acquaintance Dave made- on the plane. That she would come to Christ.
Mark – praying for Eric
Late night team- Dave, Mark, Tom, Tony, Doug and Keith
Confidential – Father requests for sons. pray for Eric. Pray for Ryan.
Prayers for a friendship lost after moving from a church.

Group 1 Day 1 Power Prayer January 9, 2020

Praise God for 20 years of blessings upon Power Ministry and through Power

Praying for Randy’s wife Jeannie experiencing anxiety
Sheena and 4 kids need Gods provision
Anonymous- Relationship w father
Anonymous waiter – grandfather battles cancer
Anonymous- pray for my relationship with my father
Leann – guidance and Gods wisdom
Chef M. – health and provision.
Ariel – that I walk the path God has for me.
Brian Albright – receiving treatment for Valley fever
Kirk Jaudes – cancer surgery coming up and treatment when he returns
David Burkett’s father Harold) and Amy Burkett’s dad (Larry) both very ill.
Rocky Rhodes suffered a heart attack. Praying for recovery.
Steve Robertson – encountering prostate cancer. Related through marriage to Martin.
Mark LeDuc wife Sid, foot surgery
Also Angie daughter in law caring for her parents. Kevin w two kids alone.
Pray for Carolyn Crossroads – healing from facial tumors.