Today was our day of worship and a bit more rest than a typical day.  We did start the day bright and early so we could do devotions and communion at Alianza with our gracious and friendly young interpreters.

The name of God that David Burkett shared with us was Jehovah Shammah (The Lord is there).  The message he gave focused on Genesis 28:10-22.  In a nutshell, Jacob sleeps with his head on a rock.  He doesn’t realize that in this hard place in life that “the Lord is there” until the next morning.  During the night God gives Jacob blessing and promise.  When Jacob realized that the Lord was in that place he was greatly humbled  and he made an alter to the Lord calling the place Bethel.

David’s application of the story for us:

When we are going through hard times remember Jehovah Shammah (The Lord is there).  He will turn that hard place into dreams fulfilled.

We are so blessed to have David with us on the trip this year   “Can I get an amen?”

All the power guys got a commemorative pin celebrating 20 years of Power Ministries.  What a legacy!  What a mighty and faithful God we serve who has allowed this great ministry to continue.

Pastor Glen Small led us through a sweet time of communion, bringing to mind Luke 22:14 where Jesus tells the disciples “I have earnestly desired to have this Passover with you before I suffer”.  This is an awesome tradition representing the togetherness of the body of Christ as Powers brothers along with our church family in Reynosa but also the personal nature of Christ’s sacrifice for us individually.

This is my third Power Trip along the Texas Mexico border and therefore my third time at Alianza.  The people are so friendly and welcoming that it has quickly become a place where it feels like a second church home for many of us.  We helped greet the 700+ people attending service this morning.  A couple of our Power guys who have been on the trip for the past 20 years straight and one of the men from the Compass church shared some words of encouragement for the congregation.  Alianza’s Pastor Mario Perez is just a gem of a person.  He is one of those people that is able to remember everyone and treat them as a personal.friend.  The love of Jesus and the Joy of the Holy Spirit is overflowing in Pastor Mario.  Can’t wait to see him again next time.

We left Alianza at noon, stopped to load supplies at Border mission around 1:30 and started the northwestern treck toward Faith Mission in Del Rio.  We stopped for dinner in Laredo where we were able to visit with David Burkett’s family and associate Pastor Daniel as well as Rick and Kim Hall (directors of Stepping Stones in Laredo).

One of the hallmarks and founding ministries for Power has been giving beans and rice to feed the poor in Mexico.  Every trip, we make sure to help to load up someone’s pickup and/or trailer with food.  After dinner we loaded 2500 pounds of rice in the back of a pickup destined for Blanco Navidad in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  Support for Power Ministries through giving and fundraising events pays for this food and from what I understand a little money goes a long way.

Van ride from Laredo to Del Rio went smoothly and we arrived at 11:00pm.  Just in time for a quick meeting and some late night prayer.  Ahh bedtime!