Devotions:  As usual, we started the day with a quick breakfast followed by devotions.  Worshiped the Father in song with “How Great is our God” and a couple other awesome songs.  David Burkett is our Devotions Pastor for the week.  The theme is going to be on the Names of GOD.  Today we talked about God as “JEHOVAH JIREH” (Provider).  We focused on the statement:  “spiritual testing leads to Gods blessing”.  As an example of this David used the story of Abraham and Isaac on Mt. Moriah where at the last minute, God/ Jehovah Jireh provided the Ram for the sacrifice.  David highlighted the idea that at the precise moment we need it, God always provides as he did for Abraham.

We looked at Philippians 4:19, 2 Pet. 1:3, Rom. 8:32 and Eph 3:20.  All great and perfectly applicable scriptures but the ones that I want to highlight here are Romans and Ephesians.  In Romans there is a clear reference to Abraham and Isaac with the words “He did not even spare his own Son but offered him up for us all.  How will he not also with him grant us everything?”  Now what I like in the Ephesian verse is the part about God working “according to the power that works in us”.  A fitting verse for “Power ministries”.  I could go on, but to me I sensed even more this morning a yearning to hear from God our Provider and see him move in and through our lives.  Great Word from David to start the day.

As always, prayer is a major part of what we do here.  I can’t even count the times we pray during each day on this trip, and that’s not even counting the unspoken prayers of the brothers during the day.  God loves it when his people are faithful in offering ourselves in surrender and complete trust into his hands through prayer.

Magdiel Bible School:  This is my third Power trip and therefore the third time making it to Magdiel.  I don’t think I really understood the purpose in this part of the trip my first 2 visits.  Honestly, my first and second year I was having so much fun working on building cool and kingdom building stuff with the guys that it seemed silly and maybe even a bit wasteful to take time off just to hang out with a bunch of college age kids who don’t speak English.

Anyway, we talk about going to Magdiel to be a blessing to these kids through our example of serving God together as men from various walks of life, vocations and churches from across the US.  I do believe they are blessed and encouraged to take their walks seriously and to see men who are completely committed to following God.  I have no doubt this strengthens their faith and commitment for the long haul.

What struck me today though, and I’m sure I would have noticed the past two times visiting if I was paying attention, is this:

In these students at Magdiel, we have the next generation of church leaders in Mexico and beyond who are full of life, love and a contagious passion for Jesus.  What a privilege and a huge blessing to meet these amazing students and to be able to hear some of their stories.

I loved the way we were enthusiastically greeted with shouting and high fives as we entered the Magdiel sanctuary for worship.  We joined in worshiping in song (mostly Spanish) which was very cool.  We had some powerful Testimonies given by some really solid men of God–Pastor Glen Small, Pastor Angel Torrez, and Pastor David Burkett.  I know what they shared made an impact on me and no doubt on the students at Magdiel; many of whom are feeling called by God to be pastors and missionaries.  We finished the service by gathering around the student body and praying over them.  There was a clear move of the Holy Spirit as many of the students fell on their knees praying, weeping, praying in tongues and praising God.  We also fervently prayed for a young woman who needed prayer for a back problem.  I would love to be able to share about a miraculous healing, but I don’t have word yet…..

Meal time with the students was great fun with lots of conversations and feeble attempts at broken Spanish and broken English.   Even if we don’t communicate clearly or in much detail, there is a brotherly, sisterly love that is clearly conveyed; sweet sweet stuff.  After lunch, we raised money for this year’s graduating class at Magdiel by purchasing some very classy looking T-shirts.  Lou Demsey even broke into Auctioneer mode and was able to sell some select shirts in good ol’ auction style.  What a thrill to be a part of that.  I think the highest bid on one T-shirt was $300.  Way to go Lou and all the guys who were able to make that happen!  We raised over $1600 for the graduation party and had a blast doing it.

The border crossing was a little slower than anticipated, but honestly, those 3 hours pretty much flew by with all the good man to man conversations covering the gamut from family, to football, hunting fishing, spiritual gifts and parenting….you name it.  Lots of time for some good ol’ Iron sharpening Iron.

I always enjoy dinner at Rudys BBQ.  MMMM…good smoked meat and so much more.  It’s bed time now and we get to do it again tomorrow!  Thank you Lord for an amazing day.