Battles. That was the theme of this mornings devotion to kick off our final day of week one for Power 2020. El Shaddai represents God Almighty. This is our layer of protection when we go to battle. As we finish this trip, we are all reminded that we are going back home, and some of us have battles we are going to be dealing with right off the bat. This battle may be with work, with a loss of a friend or family member, in our families, or anything that would create the need for our God Almighty to step in and help us re-gain our control or composure.

Shout out to Brian Park for some incredible devotions this week to wrap up our week one trip. Truly incredible journey he took us on through the names of God and what each represents.

Following devotion time in McAllen, TX, we headed South to one of our fan favorite spots, Magdiel Bible College in Matamoros, MX . This college consists of (3) different grades and hosts students anywhere between 15 and 40 years old who are interested in pursuing ministry full time.

The men were all split among the (3) classrooms, and we played games, worshipped, prayed, and had lunch with all the students. This was a great time of fellowship and breaking down barriers, and leaving it all at the door, letting Jesus be as present as humanly possible. Ladies, we wept. If your man comes home and says otherwise, he is most likely telling a lie. Just kidding, but seriously 😊.

We followed Magdiel with a long road trip north to San Antonio, TX to cap off our trip at our final destination… Travelodge. On our way, we stopped in Three Rivers, TX for a tasty Mexican meal. Shout out to Jalisco for hosting us and letting us take over your tiny restaurant. We love you and will be back soon!

Once we got to Travelodge, all of us got assigned our rooms and said our early good byes to those leaving early tomorrow to get back to our real life, which leads to my final comments below.

Ladies, we miss the heck out of you and the kids (as applicable to men with kids). We can’t wait to embrace you as we are all coming off a trip that has got us high on Christ and re-fueled our spirits. I know I am excited to get home to my bride too; however, we all know the devil is always lurking.

He is always looking for an opportunity to attack. I encourage you to remind yourself of that, and know that the Lord protects those who reside in his strong tower. I pray that this year is better than the last, and that we all become stronger in our relationships, in our faith, and in our ability to just say NO to the devil, and say YES to the Lord. With this, we hand the baton to week two, and we will see you all very soon! Cheers!