Good evening from Faith Mission International! I will get straight to the point and let all of you worry warts out there know that all 62 men are healthy, full bellied, and alive.

Now to the good stuff…

This morning started with a tasty breakfast, followed by some thunderous worship singing “YAHWEH YAHWEH”, literally at the top of our lungs. I am not kidding. Then Brian preached a unique spin on how God wants to always interact with us and bring miracles out of our messes. Such a great encouragement to start the day.

Onward we went over the border, where we worked on (2) really cool new projects that proved to be in Gods plan:

Multi-Purpose Room at Pancho Villa: This is a place that will be utilized by mentally disabled Mexican nationals who have been abandoned and nearly left for dead. God is certainly working in this place though. The joy on the men’s faces that were at the site building this new MPR brought so much to our group and really reminded us that no matter where we are in life, and no matter what has happened to us, God is still there. He’s always got us. No matter what. What a blessing to be able to serve these people who deserve for us to love them like Jesus does.

Justo Sierra School Cafeteria: This is a job in the middle of an elementary school campus in Acuña, which is overflowing with kids. This project was special because the kids were so curious and hungry for our attention. Honestly, most of the guys spent time getting swarmed and handing out suckers instead of hammering nails. But that is really what it’s all about right? To love on them and experience their joy. This place will be so well utilized, and we are very excited for what God has in store for Justo Sierra and the directors who are on fire for Jesus.

As we tagged back into home base (Faith Mission), we were greeted by the welcoming fragrance of Clark Mills steaks on the grill and Micah Davenport’s addicting mac n’ cheese (yes, I got the recipe). We ate like kings and enjoyed conversations with Allen and Charlene Ehlers as well as Tim and Rosa Ehlers, Esther, and the branches of their tree down here in Del Rio.

Allen, in his usual fashion, shared his journey to Faith Mission with us, and even though several of us have heard his story, he still blows our minds with all that he and Charlene have done to change the lives of thousands.

He mentioned something that really stuck out, that I think we could all use as a reminder in our chaotic lives: If you live your life focused on God, you won’t miss a thing; and when you are obedient to Him, your life will be blessed. Simple and to the point, which is how the brains of us men typically process.

After putting a cherry on top of our already full bodies, the food crew decided it was a good idea to feed us all brownie sundaes. It was at that very moment we all realized just how exercised our minds, bodies, and spirits were from the day. Even as I write this blog about 56 of the 62 men are already asleep, snoring away in harmony.

Recap: We crushed today. We all went into our tasks at hand with open hearts and willingness to let go and let God. And God did what he does, and now we all rest peacefully, preparing ourselves for more to come tomorrow. We are still praying feverishly for you all back home, and love you all. Cheers!