We all did surprisingly well today, considering we were operating on only 4 hours of sleep. Our food
crew cooked up a good breakfast offering of eggs, oatmeal, cereal, donuts, juice, several kinds of fruit & of course coffee. We had our morning devotion at the Faith Missions cafeteria, right after breakfast. Bob Biber gave us a great send off again. We all split up to do construction projects in Acuna, Mexico. My van headed to Pastor Vincente Ramirez’s church, where we worked on classroom additions. We finished the roof sheeting, did all the tongue & groove siding, and completed the electrical wiring in the classrooms. Some of the guys have a clue about construction, and some don’t, but we all work together to get the job done. POWER provides all the building materials and power tools, etc. They organize all the projects and have the materials delivered to the various sites for our teams. We pray before we start working, and stop at 3 pm to again pray over the work. Our partners are so thankful for the work that we do that will enable them to carry out God’s work for years to come. They always provide food and drink for us at the sites (usually the Pastor’s wife & church helpers).

At noon all the teams headed to another larger church in Acuna, where we again were provided with
food. The building used to house the largest night club in Acuna, but now is a place of worship. We
heard of the church outreaches (youth programs, programs for homeless and aged people, and more).
One of the cool things about POWER is that almost all of our partners take the time to join our team for a week, so that we get to know them and they can contribute and learn first hand about our ministry.

This week we had Josh Muse, Paul Garcia, John Nielson, and Francisco Segura, plus I am sure a few
others that I can’t recall at this time. We endured the standard 1 ½ hour wait time to cross back to the US of A, then staggered into Faith Missions, where the food crews had prepared a great meal of steak, baked potatoes, salad, a macaroni dish covered with cheese, plus choice of apple pie, chocolate pie, cookies, and more. We had the four mission partners listed above share about their ministries. Francisco does a prison ministry in Acuna.

John is the current director of Laredo Stepping Stones, a place where pastors and missionaries can
come for a relaxing sabbatical. Paul & Thelma have run a ministry called ‘Blessed to Bless’ for 19
years, where they build, do repairs and provide food for needy churches in the Acuna area. Josh Muse
& his wife Olivia have started a ministry called Kaleo International in Reynosa. They focus, among
other things, on planting churches, both in Reynosa and surrounding areas, and providing training for
pastors and missionaries.
‘That is all’ for today.