We got to sleep in a little today, to 7 am. After a quick breakfast at the hotel in McCallen, we drove back across the border to have worship and devotion at the colonial Nopalera (Bruce & Paula’s place). They have been there 12 years now, building houses and drilling a well for people with nowhere else to live. It is easy to find their place- just follow the bumpy dirt road along the irrigation canal.
Then it was on to Alianza Church for lunch with our translators. We got to be greeters for the people
coming to the 1 pm service at the church, then sat among the congregation for the church service.

They got us up on the stage to thank us for our help- POWER has been instrumental in helping them build their church from just a large tent to a structure that seats several thousand, plus school buildings. Our own Bob Biber preached the message, and several hundred people responded to the altar call.
We piled into the vans and drove several hours to Laredo to have dinner at Luby’s, hear a brief message by Dave Burkett in the parking lot, then back into the vans, arriving at Del Rio at 1 am in the morning. We unloaded our bags at Faith Missions, made up our bunk beds, and crashed for some sleep.