Today was an early departure day, as we drove across the border to Reynosa, specifically to Sende De
Vida (Hector’s homeless outreach), where we had morning devotions. I had hopes of pounding some
nails or some type of construction work, and loaded my backpack with all 25 lbs. of tools. Alas, it was
not to be. But the day was great anyway. After singing a few songs, Pastor Bob Biber focused on
another aspect of Christian perseverance. We can’t let our age deter us from sharing the Word. That
goes for seniors, young men & middle aged guys! We must keep the mindset that quitting is not an
option. Hector (the founder of Sende De Vida) shared his powerful testimony of leaving everything
behind to follow the vision that he got from God. POWER has been a huge help to him in building his
ministry on a dump site right next to the Rio Grande River. He helps people unsuccessful in trying to
cross the border into the US, who have nowhere else to go.

From there POWER split up into smaller groups. Our van went to Alianza Church to meet our
translators, and check out the layout of the festival that would happen later in the day. Then we drove to
a Rehabilitation House that the church sponsors, for men who are trying to overcome their addictions
and get their life right with God and family. We spent several hours with the men, receiving their
testimonies, and sharing some of our own. The Pastor who runs the rehab. House, along with Pastor
Mario, and Angel (one of our own) preached the Word, encouraging the men to stay on the right path.
Even though it is a relatively new outreach, it appears to be working to change their lives.

After driving back to Alianza Church for lunch, we stayed for the duration of the festival. The church
has expanded it’s festival area from when I was here two years ago. They had about 15 carnival rides
for the kids, along with horse rides, and games that POWER put on with the help of the college age
translators from the church. We had soccer shoot outs, basketball shooting, two types of ring tosses,
cotton candy booths, and several other games. The kids got candy for participating, or soccer balls,
hats, or small toys if they were successful at the games. I would estimate 3,000 youngsters had a blast
with their parents today! The wind was blowing pretty hard, but that did not slow anybody down. I did
have my name tag blown away, but fortunately one of the guys found it so that I did not get fined by

After helping clean up, we piled back into the vans and headed back to the US of A. We got stuck at the
border crossing for about 1 ½ hours, but then had a delicious meal at a Mexican restaurant in
McCallen. Several of our mission partners shared the meal with us, including Micah Carter & Jenny
(Big Heart Orphanage), Bruce & Paula Hepburn (Mexico Missions), Becky (Alianza Church), Rick &
Kim Hall (Valley Baptist Mission Educational Center), Rick Caywood (Chihuahuan Connection Food
Bank), and Gerry & Albertia McKnight (Border Missions).

The day ended at the hotel in McCallen once again, with the van crews doing their late night chores,
the worship team preparing for the morning, and the prayer team again doing their important work.