We got an early start, meeting for breakfast downstairs at the hotel at 6 am. Devotion was at 7 in a
meeting room at the hotel. Our worship team led us in singing praises to the Lord, then Pastor Bob
Biber spoke on our theme for the week- Perseverance, with the key verse being ‘Consider it all joy, my
brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your
faith produces perseverance.’ (James 1:2-3) Today he spoke about how stretching our faith when we are
fatigued will produce pure joy (fatigue happens a lot on POWER trips). He encouraged us to be
observant for finding that one lost sheep to bring to the Lord.

After piling into the vans, we flipped the normal schedule backwards by driving down to Matamores, to
the Magdiel Bible College. We broke up into 3 groups, and each group visited with one of the three
classes of students (years one, two & three classes), getting to know them a little bit by playing games
and attempting to memorize names and favorite books of the Bible, likes & dislikes of food, etc. We
then all gathered in their cafeteria for lunch, and the graduating class auctioned off T shirts for a fund
raiser. Of course there was the soccer game, pitting Magdiel students against POWER guys (with a
little help from a recent Magdiel graduate). We actually held our own for a change (for a little while),
as a couple of the younger POWER members had played soccer all through school. The day at Magdiel
ended with an unrehearsed singing led by several of the Magdiel students (by the end everybody was

After leaving Magdiel, we played follow the leader in circles for a bit, then found our way to a quick
border crossing back to the USA. We actually had a short (50 minute) break at the hotel back in
McCallen, then drove a short distance to the Golden Corral, where we stuffed ourselves. We then went
back to the same hotel (we will stay a total of 3 nights at the same hotel, which I think is also a first).
Our prayer group tonight grew to a total of 16 men. It seems to me that the week is starting off a lot
more prayerfully this year. Maybe it because we are not all so exhausted from the physical work parties
and long drives starting the trip. Maybe it is because our spirits are so lifted up from the joyful
experience at Magdiel. Maybe it is because we heard testimony of a new church ministry starting up in
Reyonsa, and the large church (Alliance) encouraging the ministry instead of competing with it (Kaleo
Ministries by Josh Muse, who is on the trip with us this week). Whatever the reason, the week is
starting off with a bang!