It was a very rainy day in Los Angeles, and my wife and I started getting a little worried that we would
not make it to LAX in time for the flight to San Antonio. Traffic was terrible, especially coming on to
the 405 and heading up Sepulveda Pass towards the airport. Praise the Lord, I got on the flight on time,
and everything went smoothly into San Antonio. It was good seeing all the guys at the Travel Lodge,
where we were given a pep talk and basic instructions for the week. We have 7 first time guys, along
with at least one of the original founders of the group. Weather was clear and not too cold.

After being given our seat assignments in the vans, we took off towards McCallen. Our van prayer
leader got us on the right track, and we all shared a little about ourselves. After about an hour, we
stopped at a Taco Shop, where we kind of overwhelmed them with the size of our group (about 70), but
were filled with a good Mexican dinner of tacos, burritos, beans, rice, along with a plate of chips mixed
with cheese, hamburger, cream cheese, guacamole and red sauce.

Back on the road again in the vans, after another couple of hours of caravaning, we arrived at our hotel
in McCallen.

Everybody got their gear, found their rooms, and about 11 of us stayed up for a time of prayer in the
breakfast area. It was a good way to end the first day, as we were able to pray over some specific prayer
requests, and Joe Ramirez asked each of us what was the one word we would use to describe what we
hoped for this week.

The van crew also had a late night date out in the parking lot, getting the vans ready for tomorrow.
Well, it a little after 12:30 at night, so ‘that is all’, as Marty would say.