Today is the final day of an amazing week for the Power Ministry team serving the Lord. We have seen projects unfold like the construction of a church long hoped for on a vacant lot in Acuna. Great progress was made on a small house that will make it no longer necessary for two families to share the same roof of even smaller quarters. Construction on another house was begun in the Napolera colonia in Reynosa, while undeniably practical projects also took place that included chicken coops, sheds, painting and other maintenance and repairs. Different members of the Power team also had the opportunity to go into small pockets of the communities for a street ministry led by the local pastors. Everyone was needed for the annual Festival at the Rio Bravo Orphanage and the very special time of fellowship and worship with the students at the Magdiel Bible College in Matamores. And how could all this been accomplished without the presence of the Holy Spirit and the dedicated support of our food crew team and the Power Ministry leadership and their constant encouragement!

On the surface we think of the tangible projects we left behind. But every man of every age experienced the presence of God and the love of Jesus during the week. Far and above any one event or day was the overwhelming experience of relationships renewed, restored, and developed. The team got a taste of the Body of Christ at work through sharing our faith, our energy and our encouragement not with one another but also with our brothers and sisters along the Mexico border. The children and young adults and older adults we met in our travel had needs like ours, hopes and dreams for their families, and a desire, even a hunger, to know God and to rely on the promises of Jesus Christ for their lives.

Prayer and praise was always enthusiastic. Prayer was a constant throughout the day. It kept us connected with our Father, it allowed us to approach him with our new friends to intercede for one another, and it allowed us to express our constant gratitude for His provision and protection throughout the week.

Every man’s experience was different. His relationships and encounters with people and the Lord were unique. These daily blogs have been but a small sample. If you have the opportunity and feel the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit’s encouragement I hope you will consider being a part of the Power Ministry team. And if you know someone that went on this trip or took another, get them to tell you how God showed up and blessed lives far more abundantly than the small sacrifice that was made in being His servant.