Alianza Cristiana

Our church was born in 1978 when two missionaries, Ramon Esparza and his wife Kate, arrived in
our city to share God’s Word with a small group of people which gathered near a city park.

Two years later, the first Christian Missionary and Alliance temple was built in the colonia named “5
de Diciembre”. At that time the church was made up of 20 people. On September 20 of 1981, the recent
seminar graduate Pastor Mario Perez Rojas was named the senior pastor of the church. In December of
that year, he married his fellow seminar classmate Martha Alfaro. From that day on, the young couple,
along with the congregation started working in sharing the gospel throughout the city.

By 1986, the church had grown so much, they had to build a larger temple with a capacity for 1000
people. God’s blessing was over the church and many people came to know Christ. The sick were
healed, people were freed, and the church’s motto was “God is bigger than my problems”.

The church kept growing and so did the vision. In 1992, the church left their facilities and moved to
where the actual facilities are now. The first meeting was held under a large tent. Several years ago a
large metal dome was erected to replace the tent.

Now the church keeps growing and each day history writes itself. Now we have two services on
Sunday mornings with approximately 2900 to 3000 combining both services. We have a private school
which has been going for 10 years. This school is well recognized in our city for the outstanding students
and academic level. We have now opened a church in McAllen. And so the vision continues.

We also praise God for the relationships and partnerships he has given us. We are blessed to have
the POWER group each year in our church. And we thank God for their ministry because they have been
a great part of our growth and have helped us in our work to reach the city for Christ

Alianza Cristiana