Prayer & Praise 2019

Group 3 Days 6 Power Prayer April 2, 2019

POWER prayer requests 4/2/19
Bruce Hepburn, complete healing
Travel blessings for POWER members
Mark Cygan grandson disbelief, Julian Relevant Church young man in ICU
Mark Middlestead travel blessings from Atlanta for his wife and daughter
Dave Collier sore back,
Tim And Rosa Ehlers, and Moses their helper
Doug Bailey, re entry to everyday life
Clark Edmunds, mother and father with elderly/end of life issues
For our country and political discord
Mark from Nashville wisdom in decisions for care and condition, perhaps moving in with him
Pray always for Reynosa, Pastor Marios request from last year still continues.

Group 3 Days 5 Power Prayer April 1, 2019

Praise Report:
– Relevant men perseverance in coming.
– Dick Middlestead: wife’s cancer remission.
– Perez boys with Mike Perez relationship is continuing to grow and learn how to be a blessing to others.
– Jeff (ID): humbled to do the great commission and go through this trip.
– Shannon Gelfand: great experience here at Power Ministry.
– 1st Time Power Ministry guys are starting to open up.

Prayer Request:
– Templo Emmanuel Buenavista needs a van to pick up people and bring them to church; and prayer for Ps Geraldo’s two daughters and one grandson.
– Rodney Couch- Men continue to strive when they get home and salvation for any men who do not have it.
– Shannon Gelfand: praying for his son Dylan can see and want the passion he has in Christ and seek it for himself.
– Christian Byrd opening up more.
– Continued prayers for our family.
– Kevin Bugingo: safe travelling mercies wife (Niki) and girls are travelling today from Chicago to LAX.
– Power Ministry safe travels tomorrow.
– Relevant Church men having a major impact from the trip.
– Lauren (IA- Dad of Eric & Michael) to heal quickly.
– US/Mexican current border issues, and agents being stretched with extra overtime.
– Mission of Faith (Ps Oscar) having a big evangelistic event coming up. Also, they’re after school program.
– Shannon’s dad, not being understanding about the Power Mission Trip.

Group 3 Days 4 Power Prayer March 31, 2019

-Great service at Alianza Cristiana Church
-Thanks for someone asking for help and keeping safety first.
-David Burkett and Faith Missions Ministries just got 10 acre Ranch. Using it for missionaries to Rest, Relax and Revelation.

-Issac and Caleb – to chose salvation
-David Burkett and Faith Missions Ministries – building Orphanage in Nuevo Loredo needs Electrical power and water. $57 K, needs $15K more.
-Davids daughter Ester is going to Christian School in San Antonio.
-Jeanne’s Mom dying of brain cancer.
-Jeanne’s Daughter baby died in womb
-father in law is in Dialysis
-Dave Burkett – Recovery Ministry –
-Michael 8 yr old with stomach
-Loss in family in Moose’s girl friend’s family
-Missionaries along the border everyday of the year

Group 3 Days 3 Power Prayer March 30, 2019

-The men that were not feeling well, and we prayed for, are now feeling better including Chris Piazza, Shannon, Trino, Pastor Mario and his wife Martha.
-We prayed for Ezekiel’s son and he was more receptive today.

Recovery from heat for 8 guys
Christian couple in Prison, Susanna and Ramon, and a job for him as he gets released.
Impact of our men’s testimonies at the Prison.
For Mario leading and Tim preaching at Iglesia Allianza Christiana on Sunday.
Mexico is in the process of legalizing abortion so we are asking for wisdom and education for Mexican Pastors exploring how to respond to counter it.
Young people’s addiction to electronic devices.
Magdiel Perez, Mario’s son, and his transition to Pastoring in Christian MIssionary Alliance Church and Youth ministry.
Safe travel on 7 hour trip to Del Rio on Sunday evening in the rain.
Power men to return home in fire and not become luke warm.

Group 3 Days 2 Power Prayer March 29, 2019

– Magdiel events went well.

Pray Request:
– Tim Small:
– Daughter Jennifer – test results and wants to get pregnant.
– Son James – Power Alumni to return
– Breakthrough with all the new Power guys.
– Dick Middlestead: wife Donna eyesight
– Caregivers taking care of their loved ones.
– Derek Martin – finding a home in Northern California and trusting God, lastly his wives Madonna’s birthday.
– Pastor Ezekiel – for his children
– Rob List – Wife Terri’s health
– Those Sick:
– Chris Piazza
– Shannon Gelfand-stomach
– Cody-stomach
– Mario and wife Martha Perez
– Shay’s Knee
– Jeff kids: Josiah – stomach issues and Emily needing a job.
– Our Country and Canada – Revival
– The Boarders needing more support.

Group 3 Days 1 Power Prayer March 28, 2019

Praise Report:
– Leadership Team well Organized.
– Luke Barnes (Dave’s son) first trip on Power Ministry.
– David Colliers: Thanking God for healing so he can be on the trip.

Prayer Request:
– Tim James: all the morning devotionals and preaching.
– Attendees Families
– Magdiel Events and Students
– Pete Morton: Son & Daughter-in-law to come back to the Lord.
– Trino: Healing with stress-related things, and having headaches and shoulder pains.
– Dave Chaidez: Believing for job opportunities.
– Mark Cygan’s: uncle Larry with Kidney Cancer.
– Safety on our trip.

Group 2 Days 4&5 Power Prayer January 20&21, 2019

Brian Albright’s wife who has an auto immune disease. Pray for her upcoming surgery on Feb. 4th surgery. Pray for peace and mercy. Guide the surgeons and staff.

Jason Dixon made it to India to assess the situation about the milder of Pastor Raj.

Andy Duff recovering from throat cancer surgery. Pray for continued healing.

Prayer for Joe and Wendy’s marriage to be strengthen as they enter a new season of life.

One of the Power Guy needs to find his passport.

Friend of a power guy has cancer in his colon.

Church being built in Acuna. Pastor Lorenzo’s church to be blessed and to thrive. Pray for pastor and his wife.

Pray for Senda de Vida, Hector and his wife.
Thank you for the work that has been done.
Let the walls, apartments be a testimony of your love and grace.

Nephew of a power guy who was diagnosed with being bi-polar. Pray for the medication would be effective. Surround Frankie with loving people. Please allow Frankie to know that God is wanting to be be his father while his own father is in jail.

Pray for New Day Church for discernment and wisdom as they consider a new direction.

Finish strong for tomorrow the last day of full work along the Mexico Border. Classrooms, finding the “one”. Push through the sickness and pain and aches of working.

Pray for Marty and all those that are not feeling well.

Group 2 Days 1&2 Power Prayer January 17&18, 2019

● Renewed friendship and conversation of genuine care people together.
● Thank you God for allowing me to be part of your plan.
● Praise and Adoration to the Lord, giving him thanks and glory for all that he has done, is doing and will do.

● That first year guys would quickly feel a part of the fellowship of Power Brothers.Pray for Jason Dixon who is part of Evanelicitical Grace outreach. Upper ROom ministry in India is one in which Power ministry has supported. Power Raj was murdered recently. Jason has two days to gather information to make a decision of the future of this ministry.
● Family members that need to know Jesus
● Strength for 2nd week guys.
● Protection for families while we are way.
● Light a fire in our churches when we return home.
● That the nationals we serve would see Jesus in our actions and words.
● That each and everyone of the Power Guys would feel God’s touch and be met by him in a personal way.
● Perseverance.
● Strength
● Healing
● Great experience for new guys
● USe this trip to draw us all closer to Christ.
● Supply the needs of every members.
● Protect our homes while we are away.
● Salvation for our unsaved family members.
● God’s grace as we work to accomplish goals.
● God’s grace to help us to impact others for His Glory.
● God to answer all the prayer requests.
● God’s blessings in the orphans.
● Family members and friends who are struggling with addiction.
● Wisdom toi share the Gospel successfully.
● Pray for my church. We are losing some members and I’m not sure why.
● Pray for my brother (Steve) and his wife (Barbara) who are going through a divorce after 41 years of marriage.
● Pray for New Day Christian Fellowship as they seek the Lord for New direction.
● Prayers for families left home to man the households.
● Prayers for second year men to continue the walk that they began last year being new rookies.
● Prayers for the KEeble family with their new daughter who is healthy. That Justin’s will be able to get work on her photography job.
● Praise from Curtis Davis on His Son Making the trip (Brad).
● Prayers from Rick Booth’s wife Sue via text. “Asking prayers for God to bring a person to purchase their house. They have been in limbo, partially packed, hoping for a care since September . We are ready for a change, to get settled into our New house and keep moving forward without this on our minds. Rick and Sue.

Group 1 Day 6 Power Prayer January 15, 2019

Praises- Johnson’s surgery went well.

Great day at Magdiel, thank you Lord

Doug- Eden and Case blessing gs they plan for marriage.

Mark- Ian’s co I g to faith Danielle and their father and daughter relationship.

Vance- Prayer for his trip to Africa and the projects.

Tom- Prayer for Son Greg’s salvation. Laura to have a deeper relationship w the Lord. for Connor to be disciplined while in military service

Marty’s health and all leaders energy

Aaron- the faith of his children to be strong when tested.

Ed- for his daughters and their faith to blossom

Scott- desire to hug his son Joshua who has Asperger’s syndrome also for friends salvation Adam

Group 1 Day 5 Power Prayer January 14, 2019

Mario – decision for Magdiel and new at new church.

Mark – Gator, Noah,Bruce, Micah, Reynosa feeding the body and soul.

Thomas and Veronica relation

Thomas – his pastor the Nate Brisy Ortiz’ want to feed people in Cleveland. Could he be in full-time Ministry?

Der ren – surgery goes so well it comes from God.

Martin- at cafeteria, Erik desires to be a missionary in Japan.

Jared- Looking for a Youth pastor – Big Bear Communion

Vance- Africa trip on 29th mission trip w three sons. And work within the school. Sponsorship of children tuition. This year building a chicken coop.

Marks dad’s David brother passed away. Pray for the great grief for the family.

Group 1 Day 4 Power Prayer January 13, 2019

Tom – vision for reaching his neighbors with the love and message of Jesus.

Please pray for Ray Hahn and his family… grieving his mother’s passing

Mark – feeling sinus and throat pain. Pray for healing and health.

Darren – his father is having surgery on prostrate. Pray it goes well. Also that God becomes real and his salvation. Perhaps baptism next.

Missionaries and pastors pray for God’s work. Micah and his dad, Gator, Bruce, Mario, Randall, Jose, Jorge, etc.

Projects tomorrow… effectiveness and personal connection with people and

Thomas and Veronica’s relationship to continue to grow.

Strong Tower church – praying for a van. Yes

Keith – was able to talk with Tom after funeral.

Praise God for joy at Festival. Parents and kids had so many great experiences … from games to popcorn.

Group 1 Day 3 Power Prayer January 12, 2019

Larry – pray for no pain in finger. Miraculous healing.

Thomas to share in Spanish at Aluanza

Whole group to model Christ.

Keith’s wife is sick Denise. Throat infection. Continued restoration.

Praising God for big spiritual step for Allen

Bodie – God to become even more real and personal

Jeannie and Randy – pray for their granddaughter Janelle Lopez 11 year old… prayer for her walking … praying she will gain control of her tongue and one day speak.

Silva house, pray for young girl with disease. Healing

Group 1 Day 2 Power Prayer January 11, 2019

Please pray for Kirk Jaudes – surgery Friday, missing trip.  Skin problem.

Bob and Gloria Krull – mother in law. Encouragement. Pray for peace for the family as they grieve knowing that they actually have a great Hope

Doug Husen – praying for mom’s health and energy and time tonight with Joni and Maureen

Mark and Anya – desire to have children. Please bless them with the desire of their heart.

Ed- to be faithful in Lords leading

Mario- Power leadership and direction

Keith – his friend Tom’s dad’s funeral peace and family harmony.

That Keith can be a friend to Tom imparting hope.

Martin- Pat and Paul Shetter Family lost 17 year old granddaughter.  Gia at 15 survived her…. strength.

Ed- and Aaron their church is searching for a pastor.

Group 1 Day 1 Power Prayer January 10, 2019
We’re thankful for a good day of travel and everyone safely arriving.

We’re thankful for a good day of travel and everyone safely arriving.

Pray for Aaron Rezendez’ Family, His dad passed away on Monday. He is a close friend of Bodie from Oregon

Please pray for Doug Husen ‘s mom… Joannie her health and the effects of brain cancer

Praising God for Alex and his engagement to Katie

Asking God to feed and guide Thomas and his relationship with Veronica… Bless him with companionship in the coming years

Please continue to pray for health of the team and also effectiveness… Especially evangelism and God’s favor

Please pray for all of the pastors that we will meet in Mexico especially Pastor Mario and his work at Alianza Iglesias Cristiana

Please pray for Keith McDonald’s best friend… Tom Schaffer, who also lost his father in the last day or so.

Please pray that God imparts his wisdom to our team leadership and that He receives the glory for all our efforts… may the Lord Jesus be glorified.